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30% cbd drops – 5 ml

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Behind this product lies a mixing of the newest science and technology, and furthermore pure ecological cultivation. This mixing makes the soothing plant oil a supplement of the highest quality.

The scientific evolvement ensures an optimal recovering process. All together with a quality which is further enhanced by organic cultivation. This exact combination hereby delivers the absolute best cannabidiol product on the market today.


30 % CBD 5 ml 1500 mg Cannabidiol
Contains Cannabidiol, Cannabinol, Cannabigerol


Decarbed organic hemp seed oil and hemp oil.
The oil contains no heavy solvents or other toxic substances.


The oil is stored in dark and cool environment. Always avoid placing it in direct sunlight.


CBD is the shortened form of cannabidiol. It is a composition of molecules which has absolutely no intoxicating effect.
This product has a maximum content of tetrahydrocannabinol of 0,2 %. Off course alle marketing is fully legal, and is descended from carefully chosen plant fields in Europe. The oil is officially considered as a dietary supplement, without any curing, healing, diagnostic or preventive effect against diseases or suffering.

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