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3 pcs. CBD E-liquid


Save money and buy 3 X cbd e-liquid  (€22,50 per pcs.)



This E-liquid is a new way to combine pleasure with optimization of your general health. The liquid is free from nicotine and contains organic plant oils filled with healthy benefits.
This product comes with flavour of mint and is, without exaggeration, the most refreshing steam product within the CBD selection on the market. This liquid also has aromatic coin flavor, which is manufactured in combination with ecological extracted plant oils, which origins from Europe’s most suitable hemp fields.


CBD E-liquid 10 ml 100 mg Cannabidiol


Contains 50 % vegetable glycerin and 50 % propylene glycol.


The E-liquid should always be kept in a dry and cool environment. Always keep the liquid away from direct sunlight.


CBD is the abbreviated form of cannabidiol. More specifically, CBD is a molecule composition without any psychoactive functions, which means; no europhoic side effects.
The liquid maximum contains 0,2 % tetrahydrocannabinol. Therefore sale and marketing are fully legal.
This E-liquid is to be considered a dietary supplement. Due to officiel aspect, it has no treating, curing, preventive or diagnostic effects against illness or suffering.