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Our primary goal at Canasiva is to spread the knowledge of organic medicine. We wish to inform the common public of a natural alternative to the chemical produced products, which has dominated the marked of treatment for decades.


To enlight the neglected positive difference, which CBD products has been able to do, for all sorts of people, for a long time in every region of the world, has high priority in Canasiva. This soothing plant oil is recovered from pure organic plant fields, and is more and more used by doctors to treat the suffering of our world.


We can offer you a symptomless way, to a better health.

Quality of health

Two important key words at Canasiva is quality and health. Of course we endeavors optimal effect for the people, who use the plant oil towards a healthier life. This is ensured, inter alia, by strictly controlled cultivation under ecological conditions. We are constantly aware of the quality in every phase of the production, from cultivation to extraction, manufacture and shipment.

Of course the best health requires optimal quality, when it comes to soothing supplements such as plant oil. That’s why we constantly have our focus on further optimization and development. To ensure a healthier life, we guarantee our customers the best products on the market.


The newest technology enables an effective manufacturing process, where cannabinoids is carefully and accurate extracted. This ensures optimal preservation of the molecules, which benefits a myriad of suffering people and even animals, all over the world. The whole process is slow, but thereby also very accurate and expensive, which guarantees a gentle preservation of the nutrition.

Cannabinoids consists of approximately sixty composite molecules in a specific balance, which is carefully retained through the whole process of extraction. A natural and organic oil from hamp seed oil are added, to the composition of nutrition, which all in all gives the user a completely ecological product, which has absolutely no side effects.